Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zoo Trip

This post is so not stamping related, but I wanted to show my family what we've been up to today...

We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. 1st of all, it's not on the GPS system we have!!?? How can that happen? But I did manage to get a crossroad. Thank goodness. I had written directions from the hotel, but the traffic in one area was so tight, I definately would have missed the turn off there and back.

What a pretty drive. Lots of forests and hills. Am I correct in saying parts of Pittsburgh are in a valley? Seemed that way as we were driving by. My memories were validified today as I drove thru this area. Henry and I drove thru here years ago on a trip to a sailing regatta in Washington. I remember it was thunderous, huge rainstorms as we drove by, We kept behind a transport truck as the radio was giving info on really bad weather, but we didn't know where we were in relation to it. So we thought, if it's really bad, the big trucks will get off the road. So we stayed close. :}

Anyhow, the kids had a great time at the zoo. it's on a mountain top. Interesting. Rafael was so excited to have a map to follow.Here are some pictures below to highlight our trip.

This pond of fish was really vibrant, considering the water was murky. THe elephants and giraffes were on the other side. Neve really liked the fish and wanted to touch them.

This next picture of Rafael is funny as I viewed it on the camera. He's sitting so proudly right in front of the "no climbing on rocks" sign.

In this pic, he is under the merkat cage. They have a tunnel system and a few places where the kids can pop out and the merkats are running around them. Cool.
As I write this, there are horns blaring and people whoopin' it up. Guess the Penguins won. Can you believe that the game wasn't broadcast here? It wasn't on the cable pkg the hotel has anyway. Drag.

and the last pic I wanted to add because it was a fluke. Don't you think it looks like a soft painting? I turned off the flash and put the camera on the glass window. I like it anyway.

So, that was our adventure for the day. It was 20 degrees celcius. Lovely, just lovely. Tomorrow is a short day here, we're back on the road to home. bleck. More adventures to find some shoes for Rafael. he grew too much in the last month. everything is too small.
Can't wait to get home and play with the new goodies.

Thanks for reading,

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