Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bits and pieces

So here are some happenings around here...
A post at
mama from the hive reminded me that I made these eye spy bags last spring. So this summer, I've been on the look out for tiny things at yard sales. I got 3 good bags out of it.

Eye spy with my little eye, a spiderman...

See those felted stars under the tools? More to come... just trying to figure out how to attach them to the stick.

Here's a shot of the batik bunting i made. Still have a few more to paint, but I wanted to get it up for the party. what a lovely party.

And I googled the solution for these massive bubbles. Such fun. And to see the cars at the intersection stop a little longer to watch the next batch come out.

Great day at the beach today. I got burned. silly me. Summer is a slipping away.

have a good one..

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Beth- the mama bee said...

hey, I saw that you linked back to me. Your bags turned out cute. It takes awhile to collect the goodies! Thanks for the link back.