Thursday, October 29, 2009


In my cruisin' on the web today, i found this on Nap Time Journal
here is our version:

it was perfect for today's crafting session. I love her blog. Great ideas.
Here is Neve's interpretation:

Kinda looks like she has a mustache. I'll have to ask her. I do know that she was pretty consistent in putting warts on all the noses, much to the unhappiness of her brother. I had to make new noses.

Here is a teeny one i made for my nephew's 1st halloween. Too cute. I made a few more with felt for the kids and glued it on cardstock. They can wear them as pins. I don't have a picture at present, They are being treasured at the end of their beds.

Many halloween parties to attend tomorrow between 9 and 1. Hope I can keep up. I'm sure they will be well sugared!

thanks for looking,

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nap time journal said...

Thanks so much! I love how they turned out! I should let my kids go to town on those as well...they would love it!

Thanks for linking :)