Monday, July 30, 2012

around the grounds....

Whilst I was in a picture taking mood on Saturday, I took some photos of bits around the yards.
Look, I have my own acorn trees. It's fun to watch them grow. Hey, friends in Toronto, are we a few weeks behind in the growing season?
 This is the path under the oak trees. We have named it the Deer trail, as it is a little path by the pond, next to a little brook, drizzle of water really, that the deer must follow. There are deer tracks and droppings all over.
 The other night, we were sitting at the dinner table and heard an obnoxious quacking. When we looked at the pond, there was a duck, happily floating along.
 This is under the maple trees in the goat pasture. No, we don't have a goat, but if we did, this is where it would be.
 Here is a view looking at our back deck. The marigolds are filled with earwigs. ugh.
 In the goat pasture, there is this lean to. I call it the boat house because when we looked at the property the first time, there was a canoe outside the building. It's nothing special, just some plywood walls and a slat floor that needs redoing, but for now, it adds some character.
 I brought this bunny from Toronto. It was from a friend of my uncles. It is probably over 30 years old. Actually, there is a baby bunny also.
 The pond has some water lilies and the yellow flowers are peppered along with them.
 It worked! I tried to capture this spider web, but couldn't tell if it was working or not in the sun. There are a lot of spiders and webs around here. Sometimes, I wonder if I will wake up in a web. Luckily, I am of the attitude that spiders are good. They eat all the other bugs.
Today we went to halifax to run some errands and I got a counter height table to use as a cutting table in my new studio! the painting is done and tomorrow I will attack the room to put it in order! The kids are in sailing camp and I will be uninterrupted. Oh, except for the bike ride and lunch at the bistro with my uncle! yes!



charlotte said...

Looks so beautiful and tranquil!
Can't wait to come.
I can smell the fresh air through your photos.

JoyLeanne said...

Absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to go out and do some yard work and clean up our outdoor space. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

MaryF said...

Looks beautiful Amanda! Love the hammocks and the deer.