Tuesday, October 27, 2009

boa scarf

here is my boa scarf. It is sooo warm. i love it.

I used 2 layers of pink and 2 layers of purple fleece.

I alternated the layers and sewed up the middle of them. The scarf is 60x 4 inches. I then laid the scarf on my cutting mat and cut at 1 inch intervals, stopping short of the centre sewline.

The purple fleece was from my stash years ago. Like before I had children. i was going to make my niece something. There is quite a bit of it. I just bought a pattern for an unlined coat for Neve, so maybe in the spring. It has a lovely machine embroidered flower on it. So for now, I'm enjoying the fabric myself.

There are many tutorials for boa scarves online. I just googled it and took what I wanted from many of the designs. I like the smaller cut, as in 4 inches instead of 6. makes it look fuller. There is one more kind of folding I want to try with this idea before I put it to rest. I'm seeing it in cream and brown. Another time.

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