Friday, October 9, 2009

the Maple Leaf forever!

Did that bring a song to your ear? Alexander Muir wrote the unofficial national anthem"Maple Leaf Forever" back in the day, before "O Canada" became the official national anthem. Cool thing about it, he wrote it while living? visiting? staying? in a little house a few minutes from here. He was inspired by the maple tree in the yard. A few years ago, the city fixed up the house, called it Maple cottage and it is now used for local events and city run programs. I was invited to sing in a quartet at the opening ceremonies. Was a neat event and nice enough memory to tell you about it!

So..... anyway.....,,

we've been playing with the new Quickutz maple leaf die. They requested card making for craft session today. I love when that happens. All gathered around the cuttlebug on the floor with bits of paper and smiles all around as they glue, glue, glue.
Man, am I a little talkative tonight or wha? enough of that.

here is a card:

And another

It was very hard NOT to add anything else to this card.

And here is a card where I added TOO much. I loved the natural paper, then went a little crazy on the pearls. Oh well.

I cut out more in felt, music sheets and print. Oh yes, and some cork. I'm off to play.

Thanks for looking and Happy Gobble Gobble weekend to you.

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