Thursday, October 22, 2009

pumpkin loot holder!

I wanted a sewing project for craft time today. here it is...

It's a pouch that the kids can put treats in. After halloween, they can choose a few treats and put them in their pouches. After their treats are gone for that day, they are gone!! A lesson for them to learn. Gorging or spreading it out. I'm intrigued to see what outcome this will have over the days of chocolate and too much sugar.

And here are the happy pouch wearers who have a few early treats, thanks for Tia Rosemarie. thanks Mishie!

Rafael sewed his own pouch and Neve chose the colours of thread for hers.

Thanks for looking.

i haven't forgotten about the boa scarf I made, I just can't get anyone to model it for me yet. Well, Rafael said he would, but I found a way out of it for him! lol

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