Tuesday, October 6, 2009

autumn tree tutorial

Yesterday, we were going to go leaf hunting to do some autumn crafts. By the time we finished looking for a few things at the store, we got rained out on the way to the park. Plan B.
I've been wanting to do a mac tac leaf craft for some time and kept changing my mind on what to do.
Yesterday, this is what came out. Here is a little tutorial.

I cut out the tree from the paper on the back of the mac tac, not through the plastic.

The kids used some gold sand I bought at a yard sale this summer to cover the tree trunk. ( I have no idea what this stuff is, it is very gold. Maybe some stuff we shouldn't breathe in there??!!)

I then cut off another layer of paper for the torn tissue paper and one for the feathers.

then I tore off the rest of the paper and let them put leaves on there. These came from Walmart and have glitter on them. I was hoping to use real leaves, but these are fine.

After they were done, i measured another piece of mac tac that was bigger so I could wrap it around the picture and fold it under to ensure it all sticks together. When the picture is so full, the top and bottom pieces don't stick together so well, so the overlapping helps this problem. I used a brayer to roll it together.

there it is... I plan on hanging them in the window after i get the eyelets, cropadile, ribbon and picture all in the same room at the same time.

Try one yourself. Neve also did one, but abandoned it at various stages. I would finish a stage and she would come to do the beginning of the next one. She was cranky from a cold. yeah me. All that to be said that it is a good craft for varying ages and stages.

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