Wednesday, October 14, 2009

crayon wallets

Valerie on Frugal Family Fun Blog had a giveaway the other day. I didn't win, so I set about to make my own crayon wallet. Can I say how fun it is to make these? Look at the blog where she got the pattern and idea from,JCasa Handmade

I think I'm good for little prezzies for the kiddos' friends and may have room to make a few more. i'm not sick of making them yet. Just getting into the groove.

I've been very productive these past few dyas, but my projects are in varying states of done-ness. Good for you, more to blog about!

Thanks for looking,


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Amanda, you're crayon wallets look amazing!!! Way to go! Awwww... I love seeing what other people sew. It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling. ***gleee*** :-)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these. Can my kids be friends with your kids! Can't believe how busy you've been! Love the flower detail on the crayon pouch! Feel like writing a tutorial???