Thursday, October 8, 2009

a crayon wallet giveaway

We had such a wonderous day here with the weather. I brought lunch to school and we had a picnic in the yard and the kids played and played and played. (wishing I had brought my crochet for all of that focused playing) then we went to a farmer's market with a pumpkin fest. the kids were wired! Fun fun.

Well, Valerie, over on fugal family is having another giveaway. here This one is perfect for us at the moment. Neve is really into "doing her letters" right now. She is carrying a little notebook and crayons in a purse so she can do it when it is improtant to her. This would make it so much easier. I'm hoping to try making one of these in the near future. But we know, that doesn't always happen. Think I would put a handle on it. She wants a big handle so she can put it over her shoulder.

The craft time the past few days have been sewing buttons. I'm going to do a series of 10x10 cotton squares with different art techniques on them. they will do them and I will sew them together to make a big wall hanging for their bedroom. I wanted them to own the art on the big wall. I bought some embroidery hoops. So now, they are happy sewing buttons. Big buttons, sparkly buttons, different shaped buttons.

Here's a tip when little kids sew: Don't double the thread. Often times, they sew from the bottom when it should have been from the top or make a big mess. If it is double threaded, you have to cut the thread, if you just make it a single thread with a little tail on the top and tie one knot at the eye of the needle, you can untie the knot and take the thread out of the problem area. Also, they kept pulling the thread out of the needle. This was a good solution for us. Did that make any sense to you?

And we've been working on our seasonal shower curtain. Yesterday, my LSS had a sale on Quickutz maple leaf cookie cutter dies. SCORE!! I've been holding out, looking for felt leaves, now we have made our own. I'm sewing them on the curtain under the close direction of Mr Rafael. I'll show you the autumn curtain. then we'll work on the Halloween one right away. Many ideas there.

You still here?!!! Thanks for hanging in. And I don't even have any pictures tonight.

Check back tomorrow.

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