Thursday, May 28, 2009

cell phone holder

K, still on a sewing kick here.... I do have some new Stampin' Up stuff to play with, so i will make something papery in time. But when I go to clean up the sewing stuff, I'm inspired to sew something else. So I must follow dear muse (or obsession).

Here is a little cell phone holder I got from a pack of bag patterns. It doesn't have a lining or show any hem lines, so I repurposed some fabric. My son has a ton of pants with holes in the knees. I've saved them to make shorts. bonus: I get to keep the bottom of the pant leg. there is already a hem. Yeah. Loving my snaps. So easy to put on and looks professional. Took my hubby a while to catch on that I actually put it in there myself. I feel a few crochet flowers will be added here.

And I also tried a beach bag! It is rather large! Perfect.

here you can see it compared to the smallest bag i've made.

And here it is open. There isn't much fabric on top, as I didn't have enough fabric. but I did manage to make it a draw string. next time, I will make the extension larger. And I want to add a few ribbon pieces to put a hiking clip for keys, water bottles, etc. Maybe even a little cell phone holder as above.

it's a rainy day here today. i have a little princess changing her clothes and accessories and the neighbour's son is playing cars and Thomas on a few mats with my son. Ah, content children. entertaining themselves.

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