Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three pretty maids in arow

If you came for a card, look away, look away!!!!! NOW. If not, read on....

my cousin's daughter is in town and it's her birthday today, so I wanted to make her a cell phone/mp3/ipod, whatever holder. This is what I came up with....

It took me 2 days of thinking and a day of trying things out. My vision wasn't working, so I compromised. I saw a cell ophone holder using this type of clip here
and wanted to try it.

I wanted to line the bag, but was having trouble and tried many combinations to get the ribbons sewn in afterwards. Finally, I abandoned the lining and serged everything. Oh,How I love my mini serger (except when I have to rethread it. You need a degree for that. Thankfully, I have 2.) The black one with orange was taking a long time, so I tried the new way and added a pocket on the other 2. Love it. So fun! NOw I just have to get more clips. They are not cheap!

Thanks for looking, Off to take my son to piano lessons.

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