Saturday, May 2, 2009

clay animals

As I mentioned before, I've broadened my blurfing to blogs other than papercrafts and was excited to find my way to 4 Crazy Kings. She has awesome activities to do with the kids and I've done a few.

I found a stash of clay in my room. I had bought it from Dollarama a while back and thought it might work for this project.
I cased the whole thing... you can find the original here

The clay was a little more challenging to work with than the model magic. I'm going to look for some to try more things. When the clay did dry, it was brittle. Poor Neve's lion met it's demise as it fell to the floor. Shattered.

I love the colourful Fish that Rafael made. We did a plate background by watering down the paint and blowing it with a straw. they had fun with that one.

Neve's fish was looking colourful until her colours started to run into one another. The joys of no boundaries! I like her plate splat also.

Rafael's lion....

And my favorite is the owl. He painted the branch, then the backgrounds. it is night with a purple moon and the stars.

I highly recommend this activity. I would love to say that it took a long time, but it didn't. We did it in 2 sessions. Make animals and plate backgrounds in one and then painting them in the 2nd after they dried. Sometimes, I think it takes me longer to prepare the activity than it takes them to complete it. Thankfully, they like to paint. They were happy painting extra plates!

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Mama King said...

Amanda! They look great! Makes me want to try the project again and paint them this time! The colors are outstanding! They all came out so cute. I am so glad your kids had fun! Thanks for linking :-)