Monday, May 25, 2009

bags bags everywhere are bags

Can you stand another one from my obsession?? If not, look away.

I think I'm so obsessed with this bag b/c each one i make brings me closer to perfecting the sewing process. One thing I noted between sewing and papercrafting... Sewing is soo much more expensive to buy that cool spotted piece of inspiration. Smallest you can buy is half a meter, whereas for stamping, pick a few pieces of that lovely paper. it'll only cost a few bucks. And look how many things you can make with that 12x12. And you can even afford to hoard a piece. lol

atpresent, I'm figuring out how to sew a liner into this baby. If you click to enlarge this photo, you'll notice that there is no stitching at the top of the orange portion of the bag. I initially sewed this section down to cover the hem underneath when the bag is extended. Now, I'm going to try to attach the lining there before I sew. Just watching Jon and Kate plus 8 season premiere. Are you too?

Anyhow, thanks for accepting my indulgence.

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