Friday, May 22, 2009

circle card

Hi ho,
just a little something today I made this past week when I was not feeling well. It took me over an hour to put this together!!!!!
I can blame it on no mojo, being sick, but I think it is b/c I was working with purple!! lol Purple always puts a choke hold on my creative muse. I just can't work with it confidently.

We're off to Rafael's piano recital today. We're not so hyped up about it this time. Guess it's old hat now. :} May take the subway there as an adventure.

I spent last night happily sewing a banner and apron for my friend's booth at the Distillery District this weekend. She has the eco-friendly online toy store . Sorry, I can't figure out how to link it. Copy and paste. Have to wait for hubby to tell me how. I keep forgetting.

Have a great weekend. Hoping to do a bit more sewing and play with some new Stampin' up stuff.

Thanks for looking,

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