Monday, June 1, 2009

a card! a card!!

That's how I feel today. i got a yucky head cold. I could feel it invade my head as I sang in church yesterday. My voice was bang on. it's a phenomenon singers enjoy for the few nano seconds it lasts. The sound you produce is resonating beautifully in the little sinus space you have left before WHAM! the cold strikes. Anyhow, you would not want to see me right now. or hear me, or witness the sneezing, runny nose, hacking... you get the drift.
But hey!! I got to stamp!

My cousin in law is having a baby shower in her honour this weekend. Since I don't get prezzies for the baby until it is born, I came up with a solution not to come empty handed... thank you notes for the shower gifts. I did this previously and it was a hit. So here is another try. Still thinking about this one. I may have some baby things that will fit in the circle. Will play more later....
thanks for looking,

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