Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's in the pink and grey bag

So I went back to Ikea the next day to get the fabric panel, it was gawn, gawn, gawn. I was sad. But my trip past the fabric section inspired me. I bought a whole bunch o colours for a new batch of bags. And I like this fabric more. The bag stands up a little better.

I adjusted the pattern, as I didn't like the zipper idea, but am familiar with the..."I wish I had a little more room in this bag" feeling. So I extended the fabric for the zipper panel and made it to be a drawstring extension.

I also extended the handles to allow more room when the inside panel is in use. I dragged out my mother's mini serger to make the insides nice and neat. I'm very happy with this bag and feel confident enough to sell it. And I have some more cut out already to be sewn. yeah. I even prewashed the fabric. Usually, I'm too eager for such things, but I wanted it to be well made.

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