Monday, May 18, 2009

long weekend activities

Did you have a good weekend? Today was a holiday for the Queen's birthday and yesterday it was mine. My bday is usually on the May long weekend. As a kid, it was a drag, as it is traditionally the 1st camping weekend of the summer. You got it, no one was around to come to my bday party. boo hoo. So this year, we went camping!

We had things to do and some visitors on Friday and decided to go up on Saturday. in the rain!! Everyone was so psyched. All I wanted to do was stay home and make a bunch of my new project. Shhh, can't tell you yet.
But in the rain we went. About 10 minutes on the highway, Neve puked her guts up!! She was sick in the middle of the night, I guess she still had some of the bug. We turned around, went back home to clean her up. I suggested that Henry and rafael go up and Neve and I would join them on Sunday, after I sang at church. NOOOOOOO!!!! was heard from little miss sicky. "I wanna doh tamping too!" What a trouper.

When we got there, it wasn't raining. It hadn't rained there all day. yeah! We set up and had a fire with marshmallows. The most anticipated event of the trip. It was a great time. I think i even got some wind/sun burn. The best part, my Dh loves to camp and cook outdoors. So we ate very well.

Rafael named the little area green island and had great adventures. He was sad to go and took some pictures to remember. I love this one of the sky in the water and take note of how you can see what's in the water in the foreground.

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