Saturday, May 23, 2009

more bags....

Hi ho,
here is another sewing segment for your viewing pleasure..

This blue/white/green ensemble is the larger sized bag. It isn't as large as I was hoping, but noticeable. I tried a new handle. It works for this bag, but I don't think I would use this type of strapping on all the bags.

And below, is a side by side to show the sizing. The green black one makes me smile.

And in this shot, I've extended the bag tops. Notice the beady thing at the end of the string. Love them. Must get me some more. Oh darn, that would mean a trip to Queen west again in the fabric district. Darn. Hoping to take a zippered pouch class next month. I'm 1st on the waiting list. Missed it by one day!

Fabric is from Ikea and the purse pattern is from Simplicity.

Thanks for looking,

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Viola Scola said...

Hi Amanda,
Your bags look great. Are you selling them? I would be interested in making a purchase.
Where do you take sewing classes? I recently bought a machine to try something new, and would like to take some classes (beginner).