Saturday, May 9, 2009

more fabric swatches

K, you know I'm on a fabric kick right? But I just made a mom's day card, so I'll show it to you tomorrow. Lighting is not so good here right now.

here's my stash of pretty cloth.

Most of it is from Ikea,but I went to Designer Fabric today, downtown, Toronto. yes, I parked and everything. Was disappointed. Haven't been there for YEARS and it has CHANGED. Now all the samples are hung on hangers, you sift through them all and take them to the cutting table, they go back and cut it for you. Kinda put me off, so my Uncle and I left, had lunch and decided to go back, as there was more time on the parking meter. Lo and behold, on the way out,found this beauty...

And the black damask. Can't wait to start cutting out. Just have to sew the handle on my 3rd small bag and cut out the big bag. Oh yes, got some grommets and things to put on the end of the drawstring. Still have to find a good drawstring, not sure what kind to use. Any ideas?

Really, I'll post you a card tomorrow, K?

Thanks for looking,

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