Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What can I say,yesterday was a lazy getting up day, went to IKEA. Yes, it's true. for lunch. Then hit the beach on the way home.
Grabbed our bags and drove 2 hours north to Coimbra.
Here is the view from our hotel room at night.

We wandered around the narrow cobbled streets and went into a hole in the wall restaurant. YUMO. The kids were hungry, the food was good and we had a great many laughs at the table. Was a wonderful family time.
Then we walked around some more. it was late and the stores were closed.

Rafael wanted to go to this spot and run around a bit. Neve's hair has been in ringlets ever since we've been here due to the humidity. Mine, another story. FRIZZ. Now i know why I felt like such a gawky teenager. We lived on the ocean and the mist always made my hair a misery!

This morning we actually got up at a decent time as we were to meet a cousin for breakfast.
We then went to Little Portugal, the land of little houses for the kids.

By 11:30, we were all done with the heat and humidity and the burning sun, so we packed up and went to the mall!
Man, the food court was some good! They had a spot that had traditional Portuguese food. White rice, beans, bbq chicken and salad for only 5 euros. Went to check out the bowling alley, but we didn't have socks, so we're going again tomorrow. I know, weird to go bowling on holiday, but it's hot and we are not near the beach. Tomorrow, we're going to Gois where they have a river beach, so we'll save that playing until then.

Meeting family for dinner and hit the hay.

I bought some Anchor crochet thread. they have thicker ones with such wonderful colours. I only bought 3, but realized the quality is superior and I should buy a few more popular colours for my flowers. So that is my quest. Last year, we went around the corner here to a fabric place and bought traditional aprons as gifts. I wasn't into fabrics then, but sure am now. So We'll check it out.

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