Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beaching in Carcavelos

Day 2 started with some rain. But by the time we got ready to go an a fabric shopping adventure, the sun had some outand we went beaching afterwards. It was a short beach day. Parental unit didn't bring their clothes, so someone had to stay on bag duty. next time, like today, we are only bringing towels to the beach!

This beach is right on the main road. how cool is that? Down over a cliff of course. They have nice foot and showers to get all the sand off. And this huge fortress to protect us from......

On our adventure in looking for the fabric store, (yes, I found some and have already made a bag. Show ya later) we went to the wrong area. We are using a GPS system with the voice of Jane. I'm a little tired of Jane already. every few meters, seems like she's saying, "in 200 meters, go left on the round about, 2nd exit." Lots of round abouts here. After awhile, sounds like she is nagging you! :} Last year, we had John Cleese's voice. A little humour in there. Helped.

And more fish last night. We really have to start making some of these fish dishes instead of just boiled cod. YUM.

So here's a pic of my kids with sand up their bums!

Today, we are going to Coimbra to stay at the same hotel as last year, Astoria and to visit Little Portugal for the kids.

I've added pictures to the 1st Portugal post of Sintra if you haven't seen them.

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