Monday, July 20, 2009

few last beach pics

We finally got a warm day today. And when I peeked out from the shade, it was very nice. The kids were having a blast with their friends at the splash pad again. Pool would be nice. Maybe a visit to mother in laws for a pool dip. They live in a different town where there is no strike. yeah.

Here are a few snaps of one of the best beaches we went to in Portugal, Praia Beliche. The one we discovered on our last days there and the winds were not too overwhelming.

Here's a pic for a scrapbook page for sure.

Our 1st time there, it was late in the day. We hadn't intended to stay, just check it out. Of course, the kids had the most fun there. And got wet playing with the waves.

I think the waves won on this little game.

This is St. Vincente. It is the most westerly point in Europe. Sailors used to think it was the end of the world. I have a feeling I've written about this before, but it could have been on facebook. Sorry if it's a repeat here.

This is the cliff on the other side of St. Vincente. If you click on the picture, you can see there are 2 fishermen on top of the rocks! That's some long pole and line!!!

No plans to go out tonight, hope to make something. My little room is feeling neglected.

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