Thursday, July 16, 2009

Land sailing

On a trip to Sagres, the most westerly point in Europe, We passed this intriguing adventure. Since my DH LOVES to sail, I convinced him to try it. (didn't take much).

Introductions were made, rules were read and they were off to get suited up.

Henry did a few laps around to get used to it and had a bit of a race with the owner. Now that guy was fast!

July and August are the windy months, it was so crazy windy. they are a year round operation. Mostly bookings in the fall and Christmas/New Year's and easter bookings also. The grasses continue to grow, so in Late October/November, when it is a little wet, they groom the course to make it smooth. They continuously check for rocks and holes throughout the season.

I couldn't believe when my son wanted to go on it too!!!! A little Henry JR. in the making. He was so pumped and LOVED it. I can see these 2 going out sailing at regattas in a few years while mama takes her little doll to crops! HAHA

It was a great adventure and a different story to tell.

I actually stayed up past 8:30 last night and hope to get to my room to make a card soon. it's been far too long. Going to get the new Stampin' Up catty this weekend, so I'll truly be inspired.

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