Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monchique, but really Gois and Folgosa

We are stopped in Monchique for the day. Loving this little town in the mountain. Very much a tourist trap though. But Hey, is that not what we are?

But let me talk about our visit to Samoura and Gois. Which was cut a day short.

We went to isabel and Antonio's house in the mountain. they grow their own food. We ate pork, beans we just picked, oranges, cherries, plums, potatoes etc. The kids had a great time visiting the "fields"which is on the hill.

here is a pic of the open fire to cook. They do have a stove, but why use that when it tastes so good over a fire inthe kitchen floor?

Here is a pile of harvested cork that will probably be making it's way to Canada

I love this pic, you have pears in the foreground, beans on the ground, to the right in the back are grapevines and to the left is corn.Amazing eh in such a small space.

Here is this year's family shot on the rooftop in Folgosa. Henry's mom's house in the mountain mountains! the oranges we picked from the tree there are so yummy.

And lastly, a peek at pickin' the beans.

Must run, kids are antsy to go get some lunch. maybe will get back to talk some more this trip to the free internet zone, outside, in the breeze. YES!

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