Monday, July 13, 2009

few odds n sods

We are finally home from our amazing vacation! this year was soo much better than last year.
#1-the kids are a year older! that made so much difference. We didn't have to figure out naps or feel the effects of not having one for the wee one. She was that more independant
#2 it was a month later, so it was warmer! So much warmer. We got to go into the water a few times
#3 we visited family first, then had a week on our own at our holiday house
#4 on our week alone, we visited with family who were also on vacation about an hour away. So we got to visit them and they visited us., We actually got to host them. And our rental house was perfect for it.
#5 We knew what we wanted to go back to see and where we wanted to go
#6 i didn't just turn 40 and have to deal with that little bit of yucky like last year. lol
#7 i felt better physically, as I had been working out for 8 weeks before hand. i lost most of that hard work eating cheese and bread 3 times a day before every meal!!! But the gym felt good today.
#8 I had something to do with my hands. Even though we were super busy and falling into bed everyday, I did get to make some crochet flowers with my new anchora threads and I made a bag that was in my head at the relative's place. creative of holiday.
#9 we had already met the relatives. Last year we were meeting them for the 1st time, this year, it was like family! :} we had such a great time with all of them.
#10 I was happy happy happy. even when I got sunburned. twice. in different places.

Here are a few random pics:

So here is a pic of the gang getting ready to chow down on some moose meat. it came all the way from Newfoundland. My uncle got it in the fall of last year and my cousin's daughter brought it to toronto in the spring. Henry cooked it up in Portugal for a fine meal. Everyone loved it

i noticed a lot of these pants around. New trend to hit North America next year? I don't quite get them. Guess it that over 40 thing. :}

Last year, I was on a large quest to find some cork products. Finally, our gracious host/cousins found me a coin purse in Lisbon. This year, mere stpes from our hotel in coimbra, was a store, that we passed a million times everyday, selling cork products! i almost melted. i actually shivered. Decided I wouldn't splurge and got this little case that matches my purse. I had wanted one this size to fir the purse and my credit cards so I could change it from bag to bag. how excited I was.

That's it for now. Must pick up pieces from getting home.

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