Tuesday, July 14, 2009

last days in Portugal

Don't worry, I still have 2 more stories to tell you after this post, so my Portugal adventures are not done.

On the last few days, we took it easy and visited some places from last year. We went to Lagos to look around. If you are ever in the Algarve and are missing home, as in English speaking people, go to Lagos. it is such a tourist town. lots of brits and germans. But I enjoyed walking around there last year, and it was too windy to go on the beach that day, so off we went.
It is so neat to compare this trip to last year's trip and how the kids have grown in that time. Last year when we went on this carousel, henry had to get on with Neve, as she was too little. this year, she was waving proudly like the queen passing by on her little horse.

Here is a sand of Neve and me on the beach in Beliche. Big high cliffs to climb down, but on the bottom, the winds were tolerable. we even went back. (it's where I got stupid tourist burn #2.)

This is how everyone dries their laundry in Portugal. Or inside. Haven't seen clothes dryers anywhere. It amazes me how they even got these clotheslines up in the first place, strung from across all the windows.

And after our 4-5 hour adventure to get from the Algarve back to Lisboa, and a short rest at home, we ventured out at 9:30pm to attend a summer fair. There were many artisians, music, food, food food and lively moods. It was wonderful. (another difference from last year, I would never have agreed to going out so late at night with the wee one.)At this market, I got some pottery and cork coin purses. Yeah! Finally found the booth. Was such a nice night to be out and about.

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