Sunday, July 5, 2009


I think we're going to blow away int he Algarve. I didn't plug in my computer, so this will be kinda short.
We spent an extra day in Coimbra by the request of the cousins. i love that place and the little part that we were in. We did a tour of the university grounds and some top of the hills sight seeing.
Then we went to Gois, in the mountains. The kids picked oranges and beans, ate just picked plums, cherries, potatoes and we had fresh bachalau and porco for lunch. Oh yes, the bread and cheese, every meal is started with bread and cheese. i don't think i can eat any more bread and cheese!!! AND THEY EAT SOOOOO LATE AT NIGHT. Sorry, wasn't meant to be caps, but now that I look back!!!!!
We are now in our own space so we have lots of veggies to consume. Back to Albufeira to visit more family that is vacationing there this week.

SOOOO NIce to be here. but really,
I am blowing away here.
I will update with pictures and more details next time.
hugs to my family


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