Thursday, July 9, 2009

Checkin' in!

I'm blowing away here in the Algarve, sitting under a shady tree with free wi-fi blowin' in the wind. Here is some craft related pictures for you.

My computer battery died earlier, so i couldn't post. it is now the end of the day. We finally found a beach with not so much wind. it was very big cliffs to climb down. Amazing! Of course, we didn't think we'd spend any time there, so the kids had the most fun and got their street clothes soaked. Fun though and mama always comes prepared with extra clothes. Will post pics tomorrow.

oh, and pics of my son and DH land sailing. Yes, really! I mean, why not. there is no shortage of winds here. may as well play with it.

off to eat the leftovers from the last few days.only 1 day left here and 1 day in carcavelos.


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