Tuesday, July 28, 2009

purple dress

We spent the day yesterday at the park with friends. one little girl was wearing a dress that was shirred on the top. I've had my eye on this technique for some time now, so I challenged myself to make one for Neve. The girl's parents didn't believe I could do it. Or should I say, were in awe that I said I could. haha.(nudge, wink)

I scored big time at a yard sale this past weekend in the fabric dept. Mostly quilting prints, but nice for little dresses also. So I paired the little purple flower print with a nice lilac linen I scored a few yard sales ago.
To shir the top, you use elastic thread and loosely load your bobbin. I marked out the appropriate spacing before I started shirring. Once you start, the fabric bunches, so it's harder to measure anything. If you have a husband in the room who can step on the stretched fabric for you as you pin other things, it helps. thanks hon.

After I sewed sections on, I serged them to keep the edges neat. the bottom band has a little gather in it also. the straps are made of the linen and just tied on the top. In order to get her to pose for the pictures, I bribed her with the goofy glasses. Nice thing about digital, they get instant gratification and ham it up even more the next photo.

Rafael decided to get in on the action as he was painting rocks. A nice dull afternoon activity. Especially the rock picking expedition before hand.

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Anonymous said...

It turned out really well! Love the dress! Glasses are hysterical!