Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Swap

I just finished and snail mailed my things for my first swap!

Roving butterflies.

I usually put them on a stick, but in the interest of postage, I opted not to include it in the swap.

And how interesting are the rules for Canada Post.. let me indulge if I may...
I put them all in a compact box. It would cost about $9 and take 4-6 weeks for it to get to the United States! Yikes, i need them there next week. So the next price option for a few weeks would cost $2o. ??huh? But, if I put it in several envelopes, it goes as letter post and can get there in a week. get this.. for $2.86. Yep. Under 100 g in a letter sized envelope...$ 2.86. The nice post mistress helped me figure it all out, gave me envelopes, helped stuff and address envelopes and even wrote out some custom forms. Nice. The most important point, it will get there faster. Like I'm hoping next week kinda fast to make the deadline.

There's 15 of them in there. And you know the best part of a swap, I'll get 15 things back! hurrah!
Some Spring flowers from my friend's garden. They even smell good. A little token of the 4th anniversary of my 39th. tee hee.

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The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

One of these days, Canada Post is going to cop on to the crafting-exchange phenomenon and they'll offer us special rates just for keeping their business alive! Our post mistress smiles every time I receive some colourful, decorated box from far away and I say, "YAY!!" the colours of your butterflies!

about a girl said...

Ha I had the exact same problem yesterday. Although I'd already learned my lesson through other swaps and put them in an envelope. I was soo tempted to send them by land just for the price difference but then they would have arrived in time for next spring!!
Love your butterflies!

Rebecca said...

I'm amazed at how randomly finicky Canada Post can be sometimes. :) Your butterflies are just BEAUTIFUL, though! Nice job. :)

Anonymous said...

i played with my dyed rovings today too! dont you just love forgiving and easy on the hands. x

arianne said...

Oh my! What gorgeous creatures. The bright colors really set them off. I can almost feel how soft they must be through my screen.

softearthart said...

Beautiful butterflies, cheers Marie