Thursday, November 12, 2009

gel pen wallet

so, um, like, I decided to do some wallets for older kids. Since crayolas wouldn't cut it, I decided on gel pens. And some artist canvass so that they can decorate their own.

this one is for my niece, who is quite artistic. I can't wait to see what she does with it.

It is an inch smaller in width than the crayon wallet and I turned the pockets around with a smaller flap for the closure.

I have one to doodle on myself, the prototype, You know, the one where you decided to try something different and it didn't quite work out? But it's good for experimenting.

And look what we were greeted with this morning....

The kids asked why I gave the squirrel an O Henry bar. I said they were nuts to think I would give a chocolate bar away, and to a squirrel! I know he didn't get it from this house! I ate them all.t

We get all kinds of critters taking rest around here. Well, city critters. My sister just moved to a more woodsy area and looked out the window, thinking her neighbours put up their Christmas decorations a little early. It was a real deer, eating the grass!

thanks for looking,


Jenny said...

Love the gel pen wallet! EXCELLENT idea to do in canvas so the kids can decorate it themselves! LOVE IT! Maybe you should just hire me to help sew them up, and you come up with the ideas ;)

Bailey said...

I love the wallet... decorated it a bit. I'll get to painting it sometime. But until then, I'm using the pens and Post-its.