Friday, November 20, 2009

two tutus

I've been admiring these tutus at Treasures for Tots
So this week, when I went to Michael's I picked up some tulle. Today when Angelina Ballerina came on, Neve ran for her princess dancing dress. I knew then that I had to make the tutu right away.

I love how easy it was. The worst part was the tulle hooking on all my little hangnails from my winter dry hands problem.
(BTW, Burt's Bees cuticle cream really helps, but I can't find what pocket I put it in.)

I wrapped the tulle around a mimi muffin tin and only cut one side of it so that the tulle measured 10 inches when put on the elastic. i wanted a longer tutu rather than the traditional shorter one.

After she tried it on and danced a bit, there was a request for one for dolly. so here it is

This doll has been nicknamed "Bride of Chuckie" as she is motorized and energized. she talks, asks for bottle, blankie, bear and plays peekaboo and makes raspberry sounds. yeah, not so fun when there is no one to play with her. Turn her off and walk away kid.

So, this is step one for the tutu. I'm going to embellish it with ribbons and maybe some jewels. I'll show you the final one when it gets done.

Happy weekend!

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Jenny said...

Love them! I especially love the last pic. of Neve! WONDERFUL! Look at those enormous eyes. P.S. Bride of Chuckie is scarey.

Angie Neil said...

How cute!! You did an awesome job! Your little girl and her dolly are adorable too!!