Saturday, November 7, 2009

sewing card

I bought this sewing stamp set at a 2nd hand sale recently, but there was no label as to what company it is.

Yep, this is what happens when you haven't made a card in some time and want to incorporate the fabric scraps lying on your floor. What can I say?? not much.
I also made a pink and brown boa scarf. This time, I made it only 3 inches wide and only 3 layers. I wanted it to be a little more fluffed out, so I rearranged the layers after I sewed them the first time and then re-sewed it with a wide zigzag stitch to hold it down in another direction. I know, not making a lot of sense. But it did what I wanted it to do, kinda. I have to shake it a bit. Maybe I should print a "how to" card with the gift? lol,

Going crazy making crayon wallets and hairclips. My aim is to make 4 wallets a night. So far, so good. 2 nights down, 18 more to go before the Christmas Bazaar. No, I'm not aiming to make 72, only 50! There are some other things I want to sell also.

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Bailey said...

I love my scarf. Very nice and warm.