Monday, November 9, 2009

felt food

Since I like working with felt and I like my husband's cooking, it is no coincidence that the two should meet.

Here is a pasta dinner, Ravioli and bowtie pasta with a bit of tomato sauce. I only had a little "whole wheat" pasta in my cupboard today. it will be added to my shopping list for next time.

And here is a hastily made sandwich.
Ham and cheese (I know, wrong colour cheese for holey swiss)

some tomatoes and cukes (again, hastily made)

and a few leaves of lettuce.

Put it altogether, a sandwich. I need to work on the bread. I have an idea how, just didn't have the time.

And now I'm full of pasta, cucumber, tomato soup and nice bad for you, white bread.

hhmmmm, dessert. I think I need to make some cookies or muffins! yes, muffins.

Thanks for looking,

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