Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wet Feet alright

The kids are in sailing camp this week at Shelburne Harbor Yacht Club. It is called the Wet Feet program for 5-8 year olds. My kids fit perfectly in it.
 I dropped by in the middle of the day to see how it was going. It was going very well. In this picture, Neve was telling her skipper that she should "take a rest, relax by taking the mainsheet" and she would take the tiller.

 She's either convincing or her partner was in an agreeable mood. At any rate, Neve looks pretty chuff.

Rafael is in the background. All is good in his world.

 And here are our two little sailors. Proud mama moment that they are so comfortable in the optimist boats. Course, it wasn't very windy, but the fact that they are eager to go every day is a bonus for a mama who's eager to get sewing!

I could set up my machine and just get to it, but I really want to have the studio set up properly before I use it and not bother to finish because it's already being used. Just one more day, maybe even half a day if I can make up my mind fast enough.


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