Thursday, June 30, 2011

another Maisie

Another Maisie to add to the pile of Maisie's I've made. ( doll comes from "More Softies Only a Mother Could Love")

It has been the gift to give to Neve's friends for their birthdays. This little girl requested something red and was quite excited when she saw what it was. She was in the know with the earlier birthday girls and their presents.
I usually give some hair clips and a little coin purse, if time allows. Guess there wasn't time for the purse this time.

Neve drew a picture on canvas with fabric markers. It is a cluster of toadstools and some gnomes. It's the first time she went outside of her people and rainbow themes. I have no idea what the recipient would do with it, but it was accepted enthusiastically. ( I can't believe I spelled that correctly the first time)

And here's the birthday loot all together.

nice first day of summer vacay. Busy weekend this one.
To all my Canadian readers...
Happy Canada Day tomorrow!

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Uhooi said...

Wow,, It's a cute, sweet and nice,,