Monday, January 12, 2009


Here is a magnet I did a few years ago. Finally had my camera and the photo at the same time.
the size is about 5x7.

The letters are from the buck store as is the Dp and the mini football. The large football is made by me and I used a versa mark pen to draw the strings and then embossed with seafoam white embossing powder.

man, I can hardly see straight right now. I've been trying to crochet some hearts. I think i may have it. Everything is a learning curve with me lately, but it is nice to be challenged. maybe I'll show you some when I get a few good ones!

And finally, my 1st born turned 5 today. That's one whole hand! He was pretty excited every time the phone rang as it was family and friends for him. Too cute. And I've had enough chocolate cupcakes for a while now.

thanks for looking,

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