Saturday, January 10, 2009

Found: mojo??

Here is my brain with no mojo:
(the card someone threw up on) (figuratively, not literally)

It's ok, I guess. The colours weren't working for me. KWIM?

Here is my brain with some rockin' paper and colour coordination:

What a difference a piece of designer paper can make eh? Same layout, different colour scheme. that's why I've been more aware of trendy colours lately. Just stick with them and things will have a flow. try to do something different, well, maybe not so much.

I have a waterfall card I want to make for my son's 5th bday on Monday. and a slider hockey card for my brother in law. Can't wait to try them. I also need to get a whack of crochet flowers done for my daughter's layout.

We bought a Wii for Christmas. great family gatherer. i actually got to do some hoola hooping today and a bit of yoga. yes, it really does work. My husband has taken to playing Mario kart at night with others on the internet. And instead of going to my room to create, i sit in my new chair and crochet flowers. exciting eh?!?!?! lol

Thanks for looking,

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Dona said...

oooooohhhhhhh - love it. want it.

Can I order one of these too?