Friday, January 30, 2009

Colouring Jackpot!!!

you know how you meet people, know them for years, know what they do for a living and then you actually get to see parts of their worK? Well, my friend is an interior designer. She has decided to take another path and start an on-line, eco friendly toy store. Go check her out at Great stuff there. No really, go check it out!

With her shift in focus, she has lent me her colouring utensils!!!!!
Can you say JACKPOT!!!!

Look at all these pencils!!!! My odorless mineral spirits are calling me!!

And as if that isn't enough!!!!

Look at these markers!! More shades of brown than occurs in nature I tell ya! The smell when you open the tin they came in is overwhelming. I just need to get a blender marker now.

And the best toy of all......

How many times have I dreamed of trying one of these babies out. You see them on others blogs and just dream...
So now I can play, play, play.

Thanks Barb for the toys.
Speaking of toys, watcha waitin' for, go to

thanks for looking,

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