Saturday, January 31, 2009

Apple of my eye

My uncle Glenn, artiste extrodinaire, sent me this photo of my parents last week. out of the blue. Since it's rare to get one of them together, i was inspired to make it a keepsake.

Paper is by Bo Bunny. The letters are from a box that spell out Adventure, live out loud and play. I was able to spell out apple with it. I used a d for a p.
Love that it has the same colour palatte as the paper edges. Total fluke. My son drew the white apple tree on the right on acetate. That's why the wooden buttons are there. To cover the glue dots.
The apple on the bottom symbolize my parents 6 grandchildren. So they are the apples of my parents' eyes. it's not an earth shattering layout, but I like it.

yes mom, I will be sending this in the mail to you with other pictures of your grand children. Just don't go checking the mailbox everyday. you know how I am!! LOL

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Hilda said...

Excellent ...You have such wonderful ideas , Just like your Uncles you are my Dear....So Creative...Would be soo good to see you all , Give them Sweet Children a big xoxoxox for me and you and your man also ..Love you some lot ..xoxoxox Miss you ........