Saturday, August 9, 2008

a scrap page! and a bday

Here is the scrap page I did last weekend for my sister in law's impending addition. The paper matches the decor in his room, so I went with the star theme again. It is made for 5x7 photo in black and white.

My baby turns 2 tomorrow, but we celebrated with friends today. We celebrate with her avo (grandfather) tomorrow.

I put on a little sing song at the party with my ukelele. I just got a nice big tenor one, so it was cool to play. I was slated to perform on stage at an outdoor event, just before Max and Ruby came out. But the rain started right on cue for my time slot! Let's hope it stays away tomorrow.
Here's Neve playing the maracas. She is so dirty. Too many strawberries and a flood of rain at the sailing club where we celebrated. What a mess, but much fun. Happy Birthday babe.

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