Friday, August 22, 2008

sock monkey and the beach

I gave in and bought the sock monkey instead of the flower stamp. I have enough flowers, but no monkeys. Having a boy, thought it would be a good bday card image.
I paper pieced him. And limited supplies and brain, so it was a very simple layout for my dad's 65th bday!

We went across the street to the Commons (awesome grounds) and flew some kites. The wind was unpredictable, but we did get it up a few times. Here is my daughter flying it.

It was sooo hot here today. I wanted to go to the beach. It's not the one I remember going to 12 years ago, but it was popular. And it was cold! I was covered up in my towel. My son, the water rat, went in though. Hot in the parking lot, cold on the beach. Go figure. Reminded me of the beach in Portugal. No fun in the waves here either.

my sister, nephew and my kids.

Off to Shelbourne tomorrow to see daddy racing. Should be a good night with a pig roast and bonfire/ wiener roast. My whole family is coming down except my brother. Some fun times to be had.

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