Sunday, August 24, 2008

New stamp

We went to Lunenburg today on our way home from Shelburne. Lunenburg is a World Unesco Heritage Site and a lovely little town. I also knew there was a stamp store there, Paper Pleasures. We stopped by last year. This time, I had the kids and my dad waiting in the car, so I looked fast. lol
This is what I came out with
Clapboard Houses
Artist: Bert Small
The actual stamp image is 3 1/2"w X 2 1/4"h

I'll show the image when I stamp something with it, but I wanted to show it off. Hopefully I'll be able to colour it well.

We had a lovely time last night with my whole immediate family, except my brother. The kids were playing on the rocks by a shed, boats in the background and the sun shining brightly as it set. Photos were being snapped everywhere and my daughter became the little poser. Could I have arranged her better if I tried? Look at the placement of the hand. lol

We're flying back tomorrow with a 3 hour wait in the Montreal airport!!!! it is only a 2.5 hr plane ride total. Now we have to wait 3 hours in between. NUTS. Bad planning.
I can just imagine the joy I'll have with the loopy kids.

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