Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camping fun in Nova Scotia

We had a lovely few days camping with my siter's family in Annapolis Valley, NS. I lived in the valley for 5 years when I attended Acadia University. I so love the valley and would love to live there again some day.

The campground was awesome! So many things to do. We fed the ducks at the pond and went for a paddle boat ride after the wagon ride they have every night.

They have a jumping thingy called the slippery blister. The kids went nuts on it. A little dangerous if you ask me, but then again, I'm just a mother who's protective and gets sick on the swings. :} My son is the daredevil.

Another day, we went blueberry picking. Not the blueberry picking of my youth in Central Newfoundland. There, you had to squat down (almost sitting on the ground) and pick the berries off of short shrubs and gettin' eaten alive by the flies. Here, it is a berry farm. They are short trees! bigger than the kids and the berries are as big as grapes. Some good tell yer mudder!

A trip to the valley cannot be complete without a visit to my alma mater, Acadia Univerisity. Wolfville brings back good memories. The town and university have changed so much since I left in 1992. The last time I was there was 3-4 years ago, I think. I only have 1 aquaintance left in town to say hello to. He works in the library, so my son decided he wanted to count all the books in the library. Here is his start, with his siter helping him along.

We have a week in Halifax now, already visited the Commons and the awesome playground. Going to meet up with old friends in the week. Hoping to get to Michael's today to use my gift certificate. I think I hear Martha calling! lol

Maybe I'll get to play tonight???!!

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