Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bird house

I did it! I watercoloured and it looks like a watercolour! I'm so excited. Watercolour paper and wetting it helped. Maybe I should explain... I've tried watercolouring so many times, different ways and even took a course. I know the image below is tiny, but it felt good and right when I was painting it. And I even left some white spots. Can't wait to try with a larger image when I get home.

I found this stamp at a dollar store that doesn't sound familiar to me. There is no name on the stamp, so I can't tell ya where it's from. Only 3 bucks though, so I went for it. This is a card for my cousin who was hopefully moving into her new house today. And maybe tomorrow, and the next day. Does it ever end?!!

I also made a card from my dad's bday with the sock monkey. I'll save it so I'll have something to show tomorrow.

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