Monday, July 7, 2008

The squirrel has left the building

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the squirrel has left the building.

I would like to take this moment to thank said squirrel for causing minimal disruption and damage to this household. He lived here for but a short 5 days, with only 1 sighting, 2 downed curtains, 4 piles of turds and 2 eaten pieces of fruit.

He finally managed to get between the window panes ( I had the top of the window open, instead of the bottom) where he broke through the screen, eaten or clawed, I'd rather not investigate so closely. I'm just glad he landed somewhat safely, I assume, as there was no sign of him sticking around.

My husband just reminded me of his solution to the problem.. he was going to get a humane trap from his work and leave it in the basement. UH UH, NO WAY!!! That would mean that I would have to bring the caged rodent outside and free it while he was at work. I kept telling him, "Do you remember the Chevy Chase National Lampoon movie with the squirrel attached to his face?? That's all I could think of. I ain't gettin' nowhere close to that thang on purpose!"

The best thing about it all, the children had no idea there was a large rodent living with them. Thank goodness. I don't think I could handle the questions from my 4 year old. Where did they ever learn such hard questions??? And where is the answer book> I must have missed that line-up.

No cards today, but I do have a little picture for ya..

Ever wonder what those ears or the pink eye was behind the cards of my outdoor shots? It's the cement bunny. There is a baby bunny, but my daughter was playing with it and I'm not sure where he landed. maybe under the deck. It is from a family friend via my uncle. She has some in her yard too. I love those bunnies.

That's it for now, Hoping to do some stamping tomorrow. i've been playing in my mind...

thanks for looking,

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