Sunday, July 27, 2008

sailing over the chaulk

Another boat themed thang. The erasers at the club were pretty groady. yeah, I said groady. Let's see what age you are. lol
They also had a plain box for chalk that was begging to be done over. so I swiped it and returned it.

yes, I know, I spelled chalk incorrectly. please, allow me to share a brief phone conversation with my husband after it was done and delivered...
"How do you spell chalk?" he says
"C h a u l k" I say confidently
he replies, " There's no "U" in chalk."
"It's the Canadian version" I say
"Oh, it's metric!"

Funny, funny. For my American readers... I don't know if you are aware, but Canadians often put an extra U in some words, like Labour, colour, neighbour. To name a few. Spell check just LOVES them. Not. Anyhow, that is not why I put a U in Chaulk.
Really, I do know how to spell.

Chaulk is a sir name in the little town in Newfoundland I grew up in. So to me, chalk has a u in it. lol

Hoping to play tonight and have something to show you tomorrow.

Thanks for looking,

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