Friday, July 4, 2008

baby clothesline preview

I had a few moments and quiet tonight to colour with my kooh-i-noor woodless colouring pencils and odorless mineral spirits. Since I can't get the watercolour thing down, (believe me, I've tried for many years and many attempts) I'm going the colour pencil route.

This image is a retired Stampin; Up! jumbo wheel. I love it. It belongs to my friend, Chrissy. I wheeled it a few times while I was there a few weeks ago. I have an idea for a layout, but will put it together at another time. I wanted to put something new up here and that's all I've got! lol
Isn't the colour combo fresh?

Off to a pool party with the family tomorrow. And hoping to pick up new twin beds for the kids. My daughter definitely needs her own bed now. Maybe we can get her out of ours! :}

Have a great weekend,
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Dina said...

I loved that wheel....Should have gotten it when I had a chance!!!