Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parental Unit tag

When my friend wanted the tags fro her baskets, they were labeled as one each for the 2 kids and then one for the parents. Well, I didn't feel like putting their names on it, so I called it "Parental Unit"

I went searching thru my plain paper scrap box and the colours of brown, turquoise and pumpkin pie came out. OOOOh. Lovely. Then i went looking for something a little more textured and tactile. The birds were singing to me so I found something with those colours. I tore some coordinations paper for the branches and already had the leaves cut form a previous project. The title was done with rub ons from the buck store. They aren't very vibrant, but did the trick. I just lOVE the texture in this tag. Oh yes, the circle on the top with the eyelet in it is actually a paint chip from Ralph Lauren. nice sample. I may have to try some more. :}

And now for a squirrel update:

I didn't go to sleep very soundly last night. I left the top of the living room window open with an apple on top to entice the rodent. And as I tired to drift off into slumber land, I kept hearing sounds and imagined/hoped that the squirrel gave into my plan. This morning as I came downstairs, I was very cautious, but didn't see any signs of it prowling thru the night and the apple was still there. "Maybe he doesn't like apples like the last one." I said to myself. So I went about daily business, Even going into the basement to do laundry.

When I came home this afternoon to greet DH, all the doors were propped open. Uh Oh!!
Seems it was a very quiet squirrel all day. Hubby came home, went to play with his projects in the basement and heard the squirrel! he chased it up and down the stairs for 45 minutes he said. dang thing wouldn't leave. So he got it in the front room and closed the door. the room with all the shelves, wine bottles, christmas decorations, baby gear, clothes, books. Many, many things to ruin with it's remains. Oh and a huge bag of mini chocolate chip cookie snack packs!! lets see if he likes cookies better. hrmph
I hope Dh does something about it tomorrow. Don't like living wit da rodents.

Thanks for looking and reading!

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bfine said...

We love our tags! Saskia came home yesterday, looked at her bin and said, 'thanks mine!' proudly, pointing at her tag.

Oddly enough, parent code named 'Blue Bird' has actually begun to put his stuff in the Parental Unit bin rather than his sons (I used to think it was obvious that one had baby stuff and one had big people stuff...apparently not). lol

thanks again!!